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Soal Ukg

Soal ukg secara online 2012 yang saat ini akan di bagikan di blog admin. bagi guru yang sedang mecari kisi kisi ukg 2012 yang akan di adakan menteri pendidikan, jangan kuatir karena di sini share secara langsung

contoh soal ukg 2012 ini di ambil langsung dari ukg.kemdiknas.go.id. contoh soal ini di upayakan agar meningkatkan kualitas motto pendidikan yang ada di negara kita ini agar mendapatkan guru yang profesional dan murid yang bertaraf nasional.
soal ukg

1.    With new technology, cameras can take pictures of underwater valleys ...... color.
a.    within B. for C. in D. by
2.    Physical fitness exercises can cause injuries ...... the participants are not careful.
a.    that B. and C. for D. if
3.    Black, red, and even bright pink diamonds ......
a.    occasionally to find B. occasionally found
b.    have occasionally been found D. have occasionally found
4.    He is very proficient ...... English, but very deficient ...... mathematics.
a.    in - in B. in - with C. with - in D. at - for
5.    An actress’s life is in many ways ...... other women.
a.    alike that of B. like that of C. like of that D. alike of that
6.    In order for people to work together effectively, they need ...... each other’s needs.
a.    to be sensitive to B. is sensitive for C. sensitivity D. sensitive
7.    ...... great was the distruction that the South took decades to recover.
a.    Very B. Too C. Such D. So
8.    I think my answer on the exam ....
a.    the possible best choice B. the best possible choice
b.    the better of all choices D. best beyond all choices
9.    I will talk to the children ....
a.    one and then the other B. in singles
b.    first one then the next D. one by one
10.  Despite of his broken leg, Allen can walk .... get around.
a.    good enough to B. well enough to C. good to D. fine enough to
11.  ...... a person wears eyeglasses, the more dependent on them he or she tends to become.
a.    When B. The longest C. The longer D. If
12.  This milk is ....
a.    not enough cool to drink B. not cool enough to drink
b.    not enough cool for drinking D. not to drink enough cool
13.  In the West, the birth of a girl is welcomed with an enthusiasm ...... to that of a boy.
a.    equally B. they are equal C. equal D. and equal
14.  ...... united effort is needed if the problem of the ‘underground economy’ is to be resolved.
a.    It is a B. A C. There is a D. An
15.  The teacher spoke .... I couldn’t understand him.
a.    rapidly so that B. that so rapidly C. so rapidly that D. rapidly that so
16.  We will not leave .... she arrives.
a.    until B. for C. since D. during
17.  He is .... thoroughly selfish man; he wouldn’t lift .... finger to help anyone.
a.    the - a B. a - the C. the - the D. a - a
18.  In recent times, the invention which has most changed the face of the world, most influenced the industrial development of the world, and ...... is the automobile.
a.    most affected its culture B. most affecting its culture
b.    with most effect o its culture D. most to affect its culture
19.  He is so honorable that I believe he is .... telling a lie.
a.    uncapable of B. incapable of C. incapable to D. impossible of
20.  His grandfather owns a large .... in the country.
a.    vegetable’s farm B. vegetable farm’s
b.    farm’s vegetable D. vegetable farm
21.  ...... problems in sailing in tropical seas is the coral reefs.
a.    The biggest one B. Of the biggest one
b.    One of the biggest D. There are the biggest
22.  Generic medications are just as ...... and much less expensive.
a.    effectively brand-name products B. brand-name products effective
b.    brand-name products as effective D. effective as brand-name products
23.  He was laughing so hard that we thought that he was ...... hysterical.
a.    real B. really C. that like real
24.  The professor sometimes makes remarks that are not ...... the topic.
a.    relevant with B. relevant to C. relating to D. relevant for
25.  I have paid for so many traffic violations that I ...... a regular customer.
a.    have almost become B. almost have become
b.    almost became D. have almost to become
26.  Frank was very lucky to have escaped with his life; he almost did not get ...... in time.
a.    out from the room B. from the room out
b.    out to the room D. out of the room
27.  Her husband has a habit of speaking ......
a.    mostly bluntly B. most blunt C. very bluntly D. very blunt-like
28.  It is difficult to understand many British actors, but some of them ......
a.    speak more clear than others B. speak more clearly than others
b.    speak clearer from others D. speak clearer than others
29.  Why do you feel you effended your our hostess last night? I ...... anything wrong.
a.    wasn’t not aware of B. wasn’t aware from
b.    wasn’t aware of D. wasn’t aware to
30.  People in other lands laugh at our fashions because they probably cannot .... the styles
a.    adjust with B. be adjusted C. adjusting to D. adjust to
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